Beyond the vine

We are proud winegrowers, but we know how much this terroir has to offer in addition to the vine and its fruits.

These are the lands of the cardoon – the “cardo gobbo” -, of square or characteristically pinched (del plin) agnolotti, Fassona beef and fattened ox, “torta verde” and “belecauda” (like farinata, a sort of flat bread made with chickpeas). These are the hills of the truffle and of unforgettable paths, of historical towns and arch-lined streets, of little village and spa towns, like Agliano and Acqui.

There are also places of culture, of historical pageants, castles, poets and writers. These are the hills where Davide Lajolo and, a short way away, Cesare Pavese were born and this is where Umberto Eco spent his childhood.

Nizza and the area around it are definitely worth the journey!
We look forward to seeing you!

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